Spanish Speaking Countries

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Kiyara Handy
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Spanish 2

Spanish Speaking Countries

You may not know this fact, but there ar twenty-one spanish speaking countries in the world. Although they speak the same language, they have other aspects about them that are not the same. Two countries that have their own way of doing things are the Dominican Republic and Argentina.

The Dominican Republic and argentina have very different ways of doing things, and very similar ways of doing things. In the Dominican Republic people like to eat 'La Bandera". La Bandera is the national dish of the Dominican republic, it is made with rice, beans, beef, fried plantains, and salad.

While in Argentina there national dish is very different. In Argentina people like to eat barbeque, so a dish best served to them is 'Asado'. Asado is a type of barbeque with lots of different types of meat. You'll have no hard time finding barbeque in Argentina.

There are also similarities among the teo contries. One similarity that is very obvious is the fact that they both happen to be spanish speaking countries. Both countries may speak some words a little differently, but the fact is, they are both still spanish speaking countries.

In conclusion, the two countries of Argentina and the Dominican Republic have very distinct similarities and differences. These two countries have there own idea of doing things and getting them done. Anyone who goes to one or both of them will have a great time.
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