Argentina Country Report

Topics: Argentina, Buenos Aires, Falklands War Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Argentina Country Report

Size and impact
The size of Argentina is 2,780,400 square miles. Its size Includes land taking up 2,736,690 sq km, and water taking up 43,710 sq km. Some pros of being a large country are it has availability to many resources, size is known represents power, and it takes up most of the coast. One of its biggest cons consist of it can be hard to govern a large country, or could be in different time zones. Some of its natural resources are zinc, lead, and petroleum. The country is 8th largest, their military is 164th largest, their GDP is 22nd in the world.

Shape and benefits/problems
Argentina can be described with 3 different shapes: elongated, and fragmented. It can be elongated because it stretches over half of South America. It can be fragmented because it has several parts not attached to the main country. A pro for elongated dominates the coast or is in multiple climates, a con is it can be difficult to govern and defend because the furthest parts are far away from the center. A pro for fragmented is it is difficult for other countries to attack, while a con being it is also difficult to govern to parts that aren’t attached. Core vs. Capital relationship

Argentina’s core is on the east coast and the Rio Paraná, surrounding the capital of Argentina Buenos Aires. They correspond because people tend to settle near water and resources, which the Rio Paraná and the Atlantic Ocean are. Since many people settled there and made a core so once the country was formally settled they made the capital in the core. Buenos Aires has always been Argentina's capital

Analysis of border types and problems with neighbors
Argentina’s entire eastern border, borders the coastline. Its western border, borders Chile. While its northern border, borders Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Rio Grande de Sul, Parana and Santa Cantarina. One of Argentina’s biggest disputes is with the UK. They have constantly disputed who owns the Falkland Islands....
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