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October. 10, 2011
Summary assignment

Brownlee, Shannon.“The southpaw's secret semantics.” U.S. News & World Report 24 Feb. 1992: 66. Print. "The southpaw's secret semantics" article written by Shannon Brownlee, emphasize that there are different learning capabilities between the left-handers people and right-handers. According to series of research done by Beaver and other researchers, they have determined that handedness is the result of which hemisphere of the brain has dominance. They have suspected for a long time that language is conceived differently for left and right handed people.  There have been many arguments over whether language is the result of environment or genes. Beaver also found that righties from left-handed families rely mostly on associations and memories to understand language and righties from right-handed families. Results from one of Beaver's experiments made linguists' believe even more that the rules of grammar are stored in the left hemisphere of the brain, and associations and memories that words evoke may be shared by both hemispheres. Researchers have also found that damage to the left side of the brain often results in partial or complete loss of power to use and understand word.  However, left-handed people seem to suffer less from this kind of damage, and they may be more crippled by an injury to the right side of the head. To conclude, in Beaver's view, the genes for right-handedness predispose the brain to concentrate linguistic rules in the left hemisphere, but linguistic associations more equally. I will used this study in my research to provide evidence for different learning capabilities between left-handers and right-handers people. And how the human brain function. Shan Shannon Brownlee's article, The Southpaw's Secret Semantics, emphasizes that there are differences in the learning capabilities between left-handed people and right-handed people. Researchers say that right-handedness comes from the...
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