Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind: Stimulation of Brain Hemispheres

Topics: Human brain, Lateralization of brain function, Mind Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: December 6, 2012
In the book, A Whole New Mind, author Daniel Pink discusses the stimulation of each hemisphere of the brain during everyday life activities. However due to the evolving world, the once knowledgeable left hemisphere of the brain is slowing today’s humans down. In this society, humans who stimulate and use their right hemisphere of the brain will rule the future.

A variety of things have popped up in the twenty first century causing an abundance of supplies in stores such as Target, Best Buy, and even Staples. From the knowledgeable left brain to produce this abundance, it has made us rich (32). However the prosperity of the abundance has placed a premium on the right brain sensibilities such as beauty, spirituality, emotion (33). In this age of abundance appealing to logical and rational needs (the left brain) is insufficient; businesses need to find ways to make things pleasing to the eye or compelling to the soul (right brain) or else few will buy. With the right brain’s ability to look at the big picture, it knows when something is appealing or not and whether one should even buy the item. Abundance has freed many from the struggle of survival; however, now with abundance, that once logical need is slowly vanishing and the desire for beauty and transcendence has taken over.

With the ability to send those “left brain” jobs overseas, such as to Asia, to people who will work for less money gives us an advantage. The only limit in a job is imagination and with active imagination in the brain, expansion of ranking occurs in a country. If the majority of the left brain works are abroad then people here in the US should be using right brain abilities such as forging relationships instead of executing transactions, tackling novel challenges rather than solving routine problems, and synthesizing the big picture rather than analyzing a single computer to get ahead of the world who is still in left brain mode (40).

With the advances in technology such as the...
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