Sop Renewable Engineering

Topics: Fossil fuel, Renewable energy, Wind power Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: June 9, 2012
In the last two decades, there has been an increasing realization that the earth resources are limited and that the world’s dependency on fossil fuel must be reduced. The increase in greenhouse gases in the same period resulting to the various climatic problems facing humanity today has also prompted national as well as international authorities to focus on re-adjusting their agenda to a more environmentally friendly energy production and consumption. With the current climatic changes threatening our existence today, hence renewable energy is poised to restore hope back to the world. It is my willful desire to do masters in renewable energy engineering as this provides an excellent basis for the application of alternative energy resources that will help balance our ecosystem ones again. My interest in renewable energy engineering blossomed during my high school days, as i noticed the epileptic power supply in the country which prompted a lot of persons to purchase standby generators to help supplement the various lapses in electrical power supply in the country. It became clear to me during those days the various harmful effects that consumption of fossil fuels could have on the overall health of people. While in school, a friend of mine narrated the incident that befell his uncle together with his family one night as they all left the generator on while they all fell asleep and fumes from the generator entered into their house and suffocated them while they were asleep wiping out a whole family. This sad event prompted me to research on ways one can reduce such ugly occurrences. In the quest to find out the solution to this problem which was getting rampant in the news papers, renewable energy was sourced out. While working with Nampak Nigeria plc, I was opportunity to lead the maintenance team for some machines which were very old. The machines were old alright but there were ways that could have made the machines work at optimum capacity. While in Nampak, a...
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