Sop for Ms in Ee Feild

Topics: Electronic engineering, Electrical engineering, Digital signal processing Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Name: keshav surivarapu
Intake : Fall 2013
Program: Masters in Electrical Engineering


My vision of self-actualization is a career in research, centered on the exciting and inspiring field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. With a far-reaching impact on the society at large, E.C.E amalgamates the intellectual challenges involved in the quest for new technological frontiers with creative prowess as well. My innate scientific temper and fascination for this ever growing field of technology are my biggest assets and I regard that by obtaining my Masters degree at your university I shall acquire the technical professionalism and experience I desire. I believe its diverse and flexible course structure will enhance my knowledge and give shape to my career aspirations.

Origin of Zeal:
I am fortunate to belong to a family that places a high value of education. I have been given all the encouragement and facility to develop my talents and interests. At the early stage of my life, I discovered that I had an inclination for Mathematics, which always placed me ahead of my peers. Inquisitive about everything around me, I was encouraged right from school to excavate deeper for the answers there by building my analytical skills. I had a fascinating introduction to field of Electronics, during my school days. The myriad dimensions of science and technology in the field of Electronics fascinated me. This addiction of mine later probed me to understand the nuances of technology and its successful deployment. My penchant for Mathematics, which later led to a liking for abstract concepts, combined the charm that the Electronics had for me, laid the basis for the choice of my career in Electronics and Communication. Hence I opted for a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at ACE Engineering College under the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad. The four years of my...
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