Some People Prefer to Eat at Food Stands or Restaurants. Other People Prefer to Prepare and Eat Food at Home. Which Do You Prefer? Use Specific Reasons and Examples to Support Your Answer.

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  • Published : January 19, 2011
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As result of our society have been changed, people are busier and busier for working or attending some kind of social activities. Its forces some people have to change their food options model. Food is an essential part of our daily life. It is important that we get our nutrients throughout the day; however, Opinions on food vary tremendously and depend on one’s life style and culinary skills . Thus, some people enjoy eating meals at home where others prefer eating at restaurants. As for me I am more inclined to home cooked meals. Eating in this manner is both healthier and advantage for own profits to financial. First at all, preparing food at home allows me to control the ingredients that are being added to the dish, and also it allows me to clean my food well in a safe manner to prevent sickness Furthermore, restaurant dishes often contain high sodium, oil, and causes high cholesterol in our body, which is unhealthy. For instance, the people who has high cholesterol or hypertension , and have to eat less fat and less sodium food. By going to the supermarkets, they are able to choose the most suitable vegetables, meat or drinking for themselves. These help them to have better physical conditions. Thus, eating food prepare at home will help prevent the intake of extra salt or oil from the food I eat in restaurant. This is therefore one of the main reason I prefer to eat at home than eat out in a restaurant. Secondly, eating at home instead of at a restaurant every day, I can cut down on my budget and save more money. For convenience, people eat out they do not worry about buying ingredients, or cleaning the dishes after the meals. However, they have to pay some fees for the restaurants in order for serving and cleaning. Additionally, to maintain the business activities and to ensure that the restaurants are profitable, the food prices at restaurants are always higher than the meals that people prepare for themselves. This is an advantage that home - made...
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