Convinience Food

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Name : Nguyễn Hà Nhật Minh

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Evaluating trends in convenience foods

The bustling life nowadays makes a lot of people have less time to take care of their own meal. They want to fill their stomach as soon as possible. Due to that reason, the food technology has changed a lot for the last fifty years. We improve it to satisfy our demand, but it also bring back the undesirable effects. The very first innovation should be fast-food restaurant. There are a lot of famous fast-food brand that you can catch on every street such as KFC, Lotteria, Burger King or Pizza Hut and so on. Just a couple of minutes walking from your building or school to have a dinner or a lunch. It’s cheaper than a classical restaurant. The visible bad effect is directly impact on our health because of the excess of lipid that can easily make us obesity. The second issue must be genetically modified food. People now apply biotechnology a lot to food industry to improve productivity or prevent crops from diseases. A common example is that the pesticide. We spray it onto the vegetables to kill the pests. But does it affect on people and environment? It does, but we still only know a little out this problem. The final change is pre-cooked meals. This innovation is adapt to the rapid life which make us don’t have time to prepare a meal carefully. It’s time saving. But in long term effects, it will make people lose the ability to cook for themselves. Moreover, all the meals will taste the same. We just look at the new trends in conveniences food. Our current mission is to equal the desirable and the undesirable effects of its innovation in our life.
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