Everyone Should Learn to Cook

Topics: Food, Restaurant, Nutrition Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Everyone should Learn to Cook
Just imagine; you’re hungry, no food in the fridge and you’re alone. How would you feed yourself? Buy some takeaway? Go get a servo pie? What if you could cook something that you know that you would love to eat, and you would be saving money at the same time? Sounds good? Learn how to cook.

If you weren’t able to cook, and had to rely on eating out everyday, you would be “dependant” on the stores or restaurants that you go to for meals. What if they had to close down? What if you had no restaurants around your area? You wouldn’t be able to eat without learning how to cook. If you could cook for yourself, none of these factors would affect you, as you could just cook for yourself, and eat at home. That is “independence”, meaning that you wouldn’t have to rely on others to have meals. If you were married, or you had to feed the kids, cooking would be the better option, than to always rely on takeaways.

Nobody knows you more than well, you. Only you would know the specific things that you like. How could anyone know if you liked eating Thai food with grape juice? These specific eating habits that you have make you unique. Restaurants and stores are made to please the public in general, and not you individually. Cooking for yourself means that you can organise and enjoy having all those weird eating habits that you normally enjoy.
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