Some People Believe That Compiuters Are More a Hindrance Than a Help in Today 's World. Others Feel That They Are Such Indispensable Tools That They Would Not Be Able to Live or Work Without Them.

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Some people believe that computers are more a hindrance than a help in today's world. Others feel that they are such indispensable tools that they would not be able to live or work without them. • In what ways are computers a hindrance?

• What is your opinion?
You should write at least 250 words.

Use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and with relevant evidence.

There have been immense advances in technology nowadays. Especially, technologies concerning the computers are developing faster than even blinking eyes. Consequently, our life have been as more relied on computers, as time goes on. Obviously, as everything has own pros and cons in our world, the affects of computers to our life is debatable issue.

When the first computer was applied to the work, people are surprised by its advantages and billion times more benefits than other tools or equipments. Nowadays, it seems strange if any job going without computers. The first thing that makes our work easier is it's automation and calculation, which is applied widely in industry and economy. Search Engine Systems, like Google, Wikipedia, Youtube got the place in our world as a giant library. They made so easier to find information, we just need to know to type word combinations. Social Networking Services, such as Facebook,, help us to find friends and to make them closer. In the same way, e-mail services help to exchange informations faster than ordinary postal services. Above mentioned benefits are just in internet, other computer benefits in other spheres can be continued.

As every coin has two sides, computers affect in a negative way too. Abusing computers, such as continuously playing computer games may reduce children's interest to learn and study. Similarly, very easy accessing to any website, which provides horror, porn and destructive materials may harm mentally. Also, relying on computers leads to save all informations on...
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