Computers and Technology: Are We Too Dependent?

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  • Published : November 3, 2012
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Jeniferlyn O'Neil

Post University - CSS101.45 - Professor Silver

Our whole world is run on technology. We have cell phones, televisions, computers, game systems, cars, even technology called the cloud where wirelessly you are able to get information on different devices. I do think that we are dependent on computers, but I do not look on it as a bad thing. While I believe that the more and better technology we have the better and brighter our futures will be there are many others who have different and varied opinions regarding our use of all things technology based. Some people like to prove their way is right by doing tests and research. Guzeller and Dogru devised a test to see if computer assisted teaching would be to the benefit of the children or a determent in their way of learning. They used a group study of two different groups of 5th grade children using a “Pretest-Posttest Control Group Design” (Guzeller & Dogru, Dec 2011) to determine the results. They separated them into two groups, one group used the computer assisted teaching and the other used the “constructivist approach” (Guzeller & Dogru, Dec 2011). Through this research they found that the children who were learning using computer assisted teaching had increased their academic success. They also found you could use computer assisted teaching at all levels and grades. Pew Internet/Elon University also devised an observation and research study of 1,021 people in various fields of business. 60% said “there will be mass adoption of teleconferencing and distance learning to leverage expert resources … a transition to ‘hybrid’ classes that combine online learning components with less-frequent on-campus, in-person class meetings.” (Anderson, Boyles, & Rainie, 2012), 39% took the other side and “in 2020 higher education will not be much...
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