Some of My Note for Ict Exam(Spm)

Topics: Computer, Personal computer, Computer security Pages: 8 (1939 words) Published: January 20, 2011
* What/ Give/ State/ Indentify/ Name :
Give answer in 1 sentence/word.
* Explain/ Describe/ Justify :
Give answer more than 2 sentences.
* Section B: Answer can in point form.

Define ICT.
* The technology required for information processing.
* The use of electronic computers, communication devices and software applications to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and retrieve information from anywhere, anytime.

Describe the brief evolution of computers.
* First Generation (1940-1956) ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) build by Presper Eckert and Willian Mauchly that use vacuum tube instead of MARK 1 that use mechanical switches. * Second Generation (1956-1963) Transistor was created and used to transfer electronic signals across a resister. Famous computer scientists: John Bardeen, Walter Houser, William Shockley. * Third Generation (1964-1971) IBM 370 series was introduced in 1964. Other computer models introduced were CDC 7600 and B2500. Integrated circuit(IC) had been developing which reduced the size and cost of computers. * Fourth Generation (1971-Present) in 1971, Intel created the first microprocessor. In 1971, Steve Jobs built the first apple computer. In 1981, IBM introduced the first personal computer. Hardware technology such as silicone chips, microprocessor and storage devices were invented.

* Fifth Generation (Present and Beyond) technologically advance and are still being development to become more efficient. Examples of new hardware technology: Robotics, virtual reality, intelligent systems, program which translate languages. * New Era Computer is when the technology of computer has become more advanced, modern and sophisticated. Examples of the latest invention: Super Computers, Mainframe Computers, Mini Computers, Personal Computers, Mobile Computers.

List the main sector that used ICT in everyday life.
* Education (School administrators & teachers)
* Banking (Account holders & bank administrators)
* Industry ( Factory workers & factory supervisors)
* E-Commerce (Online customers & online suppliers)

State the differences between computerized and non-computerised system. Aspect| Computerised system| Non-computerised system|
Task | Can be accomplished even by a ‘layman’| Need to be done by an expert| Time| Faster, a few seconds to complete several jobs| Slower, need a few hours to complete| interesting| Multimedia can be combined easily to attract audience| Boring. Need to take more time and many people to produce interesting presentation| Productivity| Increases productivity in a short period| Production was slow since everything was done manually| Profit| Less time and manpower, more products| More time and people, less products|

State the impact of iCT on society.
* Faster communication speed
* Lower communication cost
* Reliable mode of communication
* Effective sharing of information
* Paperless environment
* Borderless communication
* Social problems
* Fraud, identity theft, pornography, hacking
* Health problem

Define Computer Ethics, Code of Ethics, Intellectual Property, Privacy, Computer Crime and Cyber Law. * Computer Ethics: Moral standards or values used as a guideline for computer users. Code of Ethics|

You shall not use a computer to harm other people|
You shall not interface with other people’s computer work| You shall not snoop around in other people’s computer files| You shall not use a computer to steal|
You shall not use a computer to bear false witness|
You shall not copy or use proprietary which you have not paid| You shall not use other people’s computer resources without authorisation | You shall not appropriate other people’s intellectual output| You shall think about the social consequences of the...
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