Some Differences of Education Between Uk and China

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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Some differences of education between UK and China
The education of UK is famous for its high quality and advanced system. To some extent, the Great Britain is kind of studying paradise for Chinese students. This essay mainly introduce Britain education system on three aspects, while comparing the same aspects of present Chinese education system. Key words differences educational purpose compulsory education the way of teaching First of all, the purpose of education system in Britain should be briefly introduced,which is to provide children with literacy and the other basic skills they will need to become active members of society, and to socialize children, teaching them rules and values needed to become good citizens to participate in the community and to contribute to the economic prosperity of an advanced industrial economy. Meanwhile, the aim of Chinese education is to let everyone accept education, have knowledge and skills to make life. Because of the large population in China, students are facing fierce competition, which sometimes leads to the only emphasis on the grade of students. When it comes to the schedule of compulsory education, it is different between the two countries. British compulsory education can be divided into two stages: primary schools (5-11) and secondary schools (12-15). Meanwhile, compulsory education consists of primary schools (6-11) and middle schools (12-14) in China. Besides, the school year in UK is divided into three terms (autumn, spring and summer), while two parts (spring, autumn) in China. Last but not least, the way of teaching are not quite similar. All maintained schools in England are required to follow the National Curriculum, which is made up of twelve subjects. Moreover, freedom and experiment plays an important role in British education. Teachers act as guides. They often talk for only 15 to 20 minutes in class and leave enough time for students to discuss and do exercises. However, in...
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