Education System Between Canada and China

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Education System Between Canada And China

Education system comes from the culture, education has different meaning in different

culture. Same like that, education system in different areas is quite different. There are two

kinds of education system in the world are easy to make a comparison. One of them is my

country China—Asia, the other one is Canada—North America. They are two typical kinds of

education system in the world and they have different purpose of education. As the result,

the students in these areas have different learning schedule and future work.

First, pre—university preparation focus on different things, China is focusing on exam and

Canada is focusing on personal ability. In China, The most important thing is exam. When

students graduate from primary school, middle school and high school, they have to take an

important exam. The school which they will enter is basic on grades that they get in the

exam. Good grades mean good school. All of the students study hard because they need to

enter a good school. Then, in this school they can get good education for next important

exam. From these, we can find the purpose of education system in China is for exam. In

Canada, students don’t have to take that exam after they graduate. They only need to send a

request to the school and finish something that the school asks. Then they can enter it. All

schools are chosen by personal wishes. Canadian students don’t have to study hard for the

exam. They have more free time than Chinese students and can do something they want

Now we can see the purpose of education system in Canada is for personal ability.

After we graduate from high school, we enter the higher level school—university. In the

university, we will learn the skills for preparing our future, but we also have different time

plan in this term. In China, we have to take the semester year by year from the beginning of

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