The Educational Differences Between the United States and China

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Educational Differences 1

The Educational Differences between The United States and China

Ant 101 Intro to Culture Anthropology October 23, 2010

Educational Differences 2

The Educational Differences between the United States and China The United States and China are the two most influential Countries in the world and that is one reason they hold education to such high importance. These two countries could not operate at such a high standard and continue on and be operating at the kind of level that will keep them on top. In order to do this they must make education important. Even though the United States and China both have high regards for the importance of education their systems differ as when children start, what they are taught, and how they determine how children go on to get a higher education. In the United States children start school anywhere from age 2 to 5 years old. Some parents have to put their children in daycare and there are many daycares now that also double as a preschool and start teaching the kids as young as two years old. They are taught about play, make believe, nursery rhymes, some even start teaching sign language to some as young as a year old so that they can communicate if they do not know how to talk yet. There are preschools that interact dance and music in their curriculum. Spanish and computers are also being taught in some preschools. With technology being at such a faced paced speed these days schools are trying to keep up and teach our children in the United States all that they can. There are some preschools that also help teach manners and the proper way of acting. Preschool is not mandatory in the United States. It also usually costs unless you are of lower income and then you can qualify in some areas to attend free of charge. It does very through states on the educational system. Even in the same state but a different school district could have different rules on who can go and if it costs. Educational Differences 3 “In China children aged from 3 to 6 will attend kindergartens near their neighborhoods” (Phoenix, 2009). Children learn the basics of the native language and subjects. They also play games, dance, sing, and act. Children are also taught from an early age that the values of truth, kindness and beauty. Chinese take these things very seriously as well as traditional education since they believe that a person’s personality is mold at a very early age. In China unlike the United States children start right into kindergarten at age 3. In the United States children do not start kindergarten till the age of five. It is not mandatory for children to attend school till age 5. In the United States children start attending regular school at the age of five usually some are four about to turn five. There are age requirements and certain time periods for children to turn the appropriate age. Some children attend school all day which usually consists of six to seven hours. Others attend just a half of day in kindergarten. Children are taught various things in kindergarten depending on where they attend school. There are state requirements what children are to be taught. Some schools just go with the minimum and other schools go beyond that. Depending on the school children in the United States can learn things from their alphabet, reading, writing, science,...
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