Difference Between China and Canada Education

Topics: Education, Learning, Teacher Pages: 2 (819 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Disadvantages of China’s Education comparing with Canada’s Education A country’s economic system decides its education system. Since China and Canada have different economic systems, China is developing on a diversified ownership economy, while Canada is running its economy by pure capitalism. It is obvious two different education systems run in those two countries respectively. And from my personal experience and some hearing from my friends, I found five main disadvantages of China’s education comparing with Canada’s education. First of all, theory disadvantage. Traditional Chinese teaching method is based on the principle of “rotate learning, skill comes”. Thus, students need to do a lot of practices everyday to get questions and answers memorized without the actual understanding of how do those answers come. But Canadian teaching method is focusing mainly on the developing of students’ thinking, personality and ability build. This method allows and even welcomes students have different answers with the same question, which is on the opposite of Chinese theory. In another word, Canada’s education encourages students to have different ideas as long as they can explain them properly. Secondly, in-class teaching disadvantages. General speaking, Chinese students are taught in class passively. That means it is only the teacher who teaches whatever he or she thinks as a necessary for students without actually getting students involved in. That might cause more distractions from students, because they are not always interested in the contents. And furthermore, it might limit the developing of students’ thinking skill. For Canadian students, they have more discussion or even debates in-class. They have more freedom of addressing their own point of views. This positive learning method can arouse their inspiration on study which will benefit them during the whole life. Thirdly, homework disadvantage. As I mentioned at the theory disadvantage above, Chinese students...
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