Some Consumers Are Influenced by Brands, Other Are Not. Discuss the Reasons for This.

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Some consumers are influenced by brands, other are not. Discuss the reasons for this.

Currently, there are many products which have been introduced to the market. A company attempts to make their brand recognized by consumers in order to gain repurchasing from their customers. The company needs to predict an expectation of consumers. Therefore, brand management could be one of the most important roles in achieving this. Branding is a product or service that is distinguished from its competitors by name, packaging, design, and logo (Jobber, 2010). In the market, there are brands that are famous among consumers such as Coca-Cola, Apple, and Starbucks, and unrecognized brands. Not only branding needs to be well organized, but the company should also focus on consumers too. They should know how to make customers satisfied and be loyal to the product. To understand its customer, the company needs to study consumer behavior. It is the actions and decision process of individuals and households in discovering, evaluating, acquiring, consuming, and disposing of products (Harrell & Frazier, 1998). The company should consider the psychological and societal factors because it affects decision-making and involvement of consumers. Many factors in our society have an influence on the decision-making of consumers of brands. Therefore, this essay will discuss why some consumers are influenced by brands, but others are not.

Marketing is the process of planning and analyzing the market to fulfill customer needs and to satisfy both individual and organization, and overcome the competitors (Harrell & Frazier, 1998; Jobber, 2010). To enter the market, companies should identify what customers’ need and want. These two words are totally different. Harrell & Frazier (1998) suggests that need is a basic requirement to reach a goal of behavior, while, want is a specific desire to meet with their satisfy need. Therefore, creating customer value and satisfaction is a way that companies could meet the needs of consumers. Jobber describes customer value as and equation: ‘Customer value = perceived benefits – perceived sacrifice’ (2010: pp. 13)

To understand this discussion, the most appropriate principles to review are consumer behavior and branding. The consumer behavior is a behavior or an action that consumers, both individuals and households, show what they are searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating, and disposing of products and services that they expect to meet with their need (Schiffman & Kanuk, 2010; Harrell & Frazier, 1998). Psychology is another studies that the company can investigate consumers’ mind, which has five factors imitate in this role: motivation, perception, learning, attitudes, and processing (Harrell & Frazier, 1998). These factors link to surrounding influences: individual influences and social influences.

According to Jobber (2010) and Harrell & Frazier (1998), branding is a thing that identifies a product of companies to be distinguished from competitors by name, packaging, design, and logo. The brand is not an isolated development, but it goes together with a company’s product (Jobber, 2010). Branding is an intangible relationship between a company and a customer, which it could be linked by both by company’s name and by the brand name, which it makes a profit to a product itself (Chernatony, McDonald & Wallace, 2011). They also summarized the importance of brands that “ This is because it is not factories which make profits but relationships with customers; and it is company and brand names which secure these relationship” (p. 17).

Brand loyalty is the desired outcome of consumer satisfaction, which consists of both attitudes and actual behaviors, as well as its degree is useful in segmenting customers (Schiffman & Kanuk, 2010; Jobber, 2010). The degree of brand loyalty can be classified into five categories: brand-loyal users, brand switchers, new users who have never used a company’s brand before, users...
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