Software: Conceptual Framework, and Testing and Development Tools

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  • Published : February 13, 2011
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Additional Information

Chapter 2

1. How many Related Literatures and Studies? References?

Based on our guidelines, there should be three literatures (articles from magazines, journals, internet, books) and three studies (previous theses). You should consider both local and foreign authors for both literatures and studies. Proper summarization should be applied. Synthesize the literatures & study separately.

2. What is Conceptual Framework? – IPO. To standardize, pattern yours to the narrative and diagram below:

Conceptual Framework
On the basis of the foregoing concepts, theories and findings of related literature, studies presented and insights taken from them, a conceptual model is developed as shown below. INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT

Chapter 3

1. Type of Research - the introductory paragraph for chapter 3. They have to classify their study under what type of research it is and describe it so as to justify its classification. Refer to the Research type article posted before. You may also try to consider the following research type: descriptive, experimental, and others.

2. Are we required to include Context and DFDs in our game proposal?

For those who venture in systems development, those with clients, context diagram and levels 1 and 2 of DFD are required.

For CS topics like game development, UML is required instead of context and DFD. But both should present program/system flowchart in chapter 3.

3. Software Development Tool - software model ex. Waterfall, SCRUM, or any model of SDLC that will best suit your way of developing your system.

4. What are contained in Software Evaluation Tool? - who are the respondents, criteria for software evaluation, ratings, sampling technique (below):

Sampling Technique - if the number of respondents will come from a population of more than a hundred, you must compute the sample size and choose appropriate sampling technique. If the number of respondents is small...
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