Software Application and Information System

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Software Application and Information System
BIS 219

Software Application and Information Systems
In today’s business environment, it is necessary to research and purchase software to assist in the day-to-day operations of running a business. Small to Mid-size businesses are in particular need of both software applications and information systems. This allows the different departments to stay competitive with larger corporations. The three main organizational departments that use these types of software are accounting, human resources, and marketing. Accounting is a vital department for a company as this is the financial aspect of a business. Using an accounting software application and information system will streamline the company’s financial statements, billing, accounts receivable/accounts payable, and taxes. Peachtree Complete is rated the most preferred accounting software for small to mid-size businesses. The software offers real-time error alerts with easy to use features and functions. Connie Certusi, General Manager, small business accounting solutions, Sage North America states “we focus on solving real issues small businesses face everyday, but unlike other small business accounting packages in the market, we do far more than just crunch numbers for our customers” (“Peachtree by Sage 2010 Goes Beyond Accounting to Keep Small Businesses Ahead of the Curve,” 2010, para. 3). Peachtree Complete has general ledger reporting capabilities that use the standard ledger entry format unlike any other accounting software for small to mid-size businesses. The user can post multiple entries, change accounting periods, and register accounts just as if the user were putting pen to paper. Peachtree Complete software can grow when the business grows; thus, no need to purchase new software. Additionally, the human resources (HR) department is essential for the small to mid-size business. The HR department main function is to deal with people and the...
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