Topics: Observation, Participant observation, Scientific method Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Huertas, Gianna Marie A.

1 .What is the Issue on the film that you’ve watched?
Both sides shown here -- a teacher who wants to develop critical thinking in students versus a teacher who would rather follow the rules -- have their flaws and Tarog was able to highlight the strengths and the weaknesses in their arguments. I'm actually surprised at the level of insight Tarog was able to project in such a short film. 2. Explain the difference between non participant and non-participant learning. Non-participant, or direct, observation is where data are collected by observing behaviour without interacting with the participants. Participant observation is where data are collected by interacting with, and therefore experiencing, the phenomenon being studied. 3. Give the advantages and Disadvantages of non-Participant Learning. Advantage:

Participant observers, when the method works properly, gain access to many events, locales and situations where outside observers would not normally be allowed. Disadvantage:
The researcher can become influenced the group uner study so there are chances that his research might be in their favor or prejudiced against them. It also depends where the researcher is overt or covert, the disadvantages will be different for them. If the observer is doing overt participant observation, then the group under study might alter or modify there behaviour accordingly, as people just do not act normal if they know they are being observed. This is known as the Hawthorne Effect. Therefore, the research will be invalid. 4. Give your reaction on the film that you’ve watched?

They have both Advantages and Disadvantages regarding the Educational views.
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