Sociology' Body and Society

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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Pink carried out extensive participant observations and informal interviewing with a wide range of people; picked for their experience, statuses and identities in relation to the bullfighting culture. She stated that ‘there are a great variety of ideas concerning mothering and childbirth. Many believe that the correct role for a women is that of a wife and mother, that wedded women should be both expected to have children and stay at home to care for them’. Mothers are expected to integrate their children into society’s present expected norms and values and discipline their negative behavior; they are there to teach morals and religious beliefs. The ‘correct’ upbringing is crucial but depending on what perspective it is looked at. I.e. from a Marxist point of view, it will argue that this is only to add another member to a hungry-like-greedy capitalist society that alienates one from seeing the true purpose to serve society is to benefit the elite. (The Communist Manifesto) This later acquainted views that labour is based on biological variances, having men as the financial source and with women being naturally appropriate to the nurturing role. This has raised numerous debates whether it is biology rather than a social construction and questioning if women should stay in that category than challenging bulls. (how does it disrupt it…….)

Another dispute arises when we question the strength which males and females are equipped with. We all believe men are much stronger than women, stereotypically, traditionally, scientifically, all way round. It was said that women who display masculine characteristics is seen as possible but ‘unnatural’. The ‘natural’ weakness accredited to women’s arms was frequently cited by men and women as a disadvantage. One traditionalist even claimed to see that women’s arms were too weak to extend the cape correctly. Others distinguished between masculine and feminine fear. Men are naturally seen to overcome fear and women tend to be...
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