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By | October 2011
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(What my life is –what I make of it with the
help of Biological and a Sociological Mix – A slice of my of life)

Author: Nancy Gutierrez
Written for my Sociology Class Culture and Society
Instructor: Joan McGowan

My family traditions and values have influenced my biological and cultural views and values. My life and career goals bear resemblance with my parents ' life and expectations influenced by class and culture. Yet have been structured by Sociological concepts. The older I become the more I clearly feel life is beginning to make sense.  Looking back at my childhood I feel as I was living life all while being contained.  I was born in Texas and raised in Indiana, in a town where speaking Spanish was not permitted and no one spoke of differences. I grew up in what is considered middle-upper class society. My family values were dictated to me as if it was a pattern being cut out and these were rules I was to follow or I would not be recognized as “famila”. As I got older this caused me to developed many emotional issues.  I suffer from depression and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). I concealed who I truly was in order to fit in to Social acceptance of Race and Gender. I married at sixteen and was fortunate I married into family who was wealthy and patient enough so that I could seek out the best medical assistance and educational assistance to aid me. (TCO 3, 4, 5 & 6) I didn’t know what to expect. I became pregnant and jumped right into the role of marriage I was exciting and happy. Becoming pregnant caused prejudice among my age group friends and I became isolated and discriminated against while still being in school. I was made to resign from cheerleading and other social groups because I was not a good representative of what children my age should be. Without realizing I found whom I was married to, to be completely different than I whom I was, in thought and ways. The difference in religious views was...

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