Compare and Contrast the Subcultures of Hip Hop and Punk

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Compare and Contrast of Subcultures: Hip Hop and Punk
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Compare and Contrast of Subcultures: Hip Hop and Punk
Differences in beliefs and values from what the “norm” considers the right way makes you a subculture, but what makes them unique are the instruments they use to make their voice heard. While most people have taken for granted their language, beliefs and values there are some who within their subculture use their music to escape forms of oppression and lack of freedom. Hip Hop and Punk are two large subcultures that are well known through out the world. There are many differences between Hip Hop and Punk and several contributing factors that shape these subcultures but ultimately each one’s existence serves a similar purpose: a form of escape and expression.

Language is worldwide, but holds several different meanings and sounds that vary from one subculture to another. Kendall (2011) stated “Language is also a source of power and social control; language perpetuates inequalities between people and between groups because words are used (whether or not intentionally) to “keep people in their place.” Hip Hop uses a form of the English language that has become known as “Black English”, or “Ebonics”. According to Wikipedia (“Hip hop,” 2013), “Academics suggest its development stems from a rejection of racial hierarchy of language, which held “White English” as the superior form of educated speech.” I believe the Hip Hoppers were being different attempting to stand outside the box of language while avoiding social control. Punk uses the English language but like the Hip Hoppers in an effort to be different they accompany short and simple lyrics with loud and aggressive background music. Both subcultures use their music as voices to speak out against social injustices such as racism and poverty. The language within the Hip Hop and Punk subculture may slightly differ in dialect but carry the same agenda and reflect the way they...
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