Society's Social Redefinition

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Society’s Social Redefinition
Miranda Simmons
Valerie Schroeder
February 7, 2011



What Society has Become Involved With5

Being Social or Lack Thereof6

PC's, Privacy, and Phones8

The Ease of Communication Breakdown10



The influence of social networks with society today is changing the way of life by creating a lack in society's interaction skills that were once possessed, along with making themselves and their lives public knowledge. As computer crimes continue to rise, the internet continues to evolve by being accessible in the palm of a hand and everywhere you go and people are consuming more and more of their time staying in contact with others through various internet sites throughout the internet. By partaking in tasks such as uploading pictures, checking in at different establishments, status updates, and using chat applications, people all around are beginning to forget the way life once was before now and unforeseen issues are resulting from it.



What Society has Become Involved With4

Being Social or Lack Thereof5

PC's, Privacy, and Phones7

The Ease of Communication Breakdown9



What Society has Become Involved With

Social networks are beneficial in many ways, for example they make being able to keep in touch with family and friends easier, reconnecting with long-lost friends or make new ones, gaining business contacts, advancing a career, discovering others with similar interests, and more; society is beginning to lack the needed social skills for life, as well as leaving themselves vulnerable to cyber crime by isolating themselves with social networks throughout the internet. Partly because the web is available nearly everywhere and smartphones are common and affordable, cybercrime is on the rise and society is opening themselves up to becoming victims of cybercrimes such as being hacked, getting viruses, getting burglarized or stalked, fraud, id theft, and other related crimes. As people are sharing everything about themselves and their life. on the internet, all of their activities, pictures, and current situations being made public throughout the web, people are choosing to keep in contact through the cyber technology rather than have verbal or personal interaction, people continue to overindulge themselves with these sites, leaving personal information tied to other accounts that have a higher-rate chance of getting hacked into, communication is breaking down, and society as a whole is beginning to diminish and become something they were never not intended to become. .

Being Social or Lack Thereof

Society is starting to reveal that there is a lack of needed social skills in life, leaving themselves vulnerable many different repercussions ranging from the less extreme end of the scale such as receiving 3rd party cookies, to worse things like the inability to hold conversations, and even on the severe end people have been experiencing cyber-bullying, which has resulted in reported deaths. The average American spends 5 hours and 46 minutes per month on Facebook, while the average teen spends 9 hours a week. Since a 230% increase in social network users since 2007 (Diana, 2010), There has been a noticeable amount of average standards that have changed. People are becoming less productive not only at home, but also in school and work as well. Families are spending less time together, the amount of hours having face-to-face interaction has decreased, and frequent users are prone to suffering from “Social Isolation,” There are reports stating that children are susceptible to a variety of personality and brain disorders from repeated exposure to social networks that are irreparable ("Social Networking"). Img: /images/site/topics/social-networking.jpg

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