Socialresponsibilities of the Daily Protom Alo

Topics: Sustainability, Millennium Development Goals, Sustainable development Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: June 18, 2011
Robi dreams of a prosperous and strong nation and thus Robi's commitment to the society is an integral part of its business. Robi intends to build a better Bangladesh by empowering people and by providing support towards the sustainable development of the community. 

In line with Government's development plan as well as its own Corporate Responsibility (CR) philosophy, Robi engages itself in various types of Corporate Responsibility (CR) programs. Through its CR initiatives, Robi intends to contribute towards the development of socio economic and ecological condition of the country through enriching people's lives focusing on their primary needs as well as conserving the unique culture & Heritage of Bangladesh.

Robi endorses its enabling and positive impact on the society, primarily, through its 'core operations' or business footprint and secondly, through its ability to reach out to national development goals by 'Empowering People'. 

Renewing its CSR philosophy, Robi  is widening its core CSR area with the launching of new brand in 2010. Robi has redefined its CSR drive under five thematic aspects - Education, ICT (information, communication and technology), Health, Environment and Culture & Heritage with prime focus on women empowerment. Among the core areas, education is the major thrust areas of Robi's CSR interventions. In line with Government's 'Digital Bangladesh Vision 2021' , Robi  will be working towards ICT development across the country specially in the colleges and libraries. With special focus on women, Robi  is emphasizing on women health and women entrepreneurship. Thus Robi aspires to be a powerful agent of change through enriching people's lives for a better living. 
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