Socializing Through Social Network

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Socializing through Social Networking
Many have argued against social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and more. With the increase in technology, computers have become smaller, lighter, and less expensive as well as are now inside our cellular phones. This ease of accessibility has made social networking sites more addictive. But it is always a negative influence? Have these sites caused harm for our youth and even some adults? Yes, texting instead of calling, email instead of a hand written letter, and Skype instead of physical contact has placed technology in between the human interaction. Human beings are social creatures, and naturally require interaction within real-world situations. Can the assisted interaction through social networking sites be enough? Social networking sites provide a virtual playground for the user. With fun video games, photo upload capability, status up dates, and more.

On these social sites you have a list of “friends,” which make it possible for everyone on your list to see your photos or status update at the same time. This can be very convenient for the user. When is the last time you have had your entre list of friends, co-workers, family member and so on n the same room so you are able to give them up dated information about you? The user is able to update information about themselves or specific events that not everyone is able to attend. For example a mom could post a few updates throughout her child baseball game. Now, everyone on her friends list can follow the game they were unable to attend. Making phone calls or emails to hundreds of people would be far too time consuming to achieve. Of course the negative to this is everything you post are now in public view and many times permanent. The heat of the moment can cause the user to post something he or she may have not fully weighed out the consequences. As well as, not everyone on your friends list may car to know about the pop fly your son just...
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