The Negative Effects of Technology and Social Media

Topics: Mobile phone, Mass media, Facebook Pages: 4 (1429 words) Published: April 28, 2013
The Negative Effects of Technology and Social Media
Technology and social networking sites may seem to be the best invention yet, however not only do they cause people to become anti-social, they also cause psychological disorders to occur. Technology is great to use for various things including communication. However, people have chosen to take full advantage of it, and now it just might be backfiring on some of them. In older days when there was only television, movies, radio, and magazines, people seemed to be more involved with their family and friends opposed to technology. The older media rapidly started changing into newer digital media such as Internet, social networking sites, MP3 players, and “smart” mobile phones. This is when people started becoming more and more caught up in this new technology. Scientists have linked the use of technology with various health problems. Over time, doctors began to notice many more people developing psychological disorders such as eating disorders. Even though people believe that technology is one of the best inventions, everyone must be aware of any and all effects that it may have on him or her. Technology can be entertaining and it is a great way of communicating with others. These days, there are various types of technology anyone can choose from. Some of the most popular types of technology include iPods, cell phones, and computers. iPods are interesting devices that are small enough for anyone to carry around with them and have easy access to his or her favorite songs on-the-go. They are ideal for use at the gym, listening in the car through car speakers, and also any other leisure time. Cell phones are by far the biggest way of communicating to others. Cell phones are a quick and easy way to be able to talk to someone instantly. One can do so by calling or even texting somebody else. Computers have an endless amount of possibilities of things that can be done on them. They give anyone the ability to surf the...
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