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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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School Based Assessment
Social Studies

My Topic:
Do the grade 10 students of my school believe that they are influenced by their peers?

Name:Anna Maxwell
Reg. Number:100000
Examination Year:2013

* Chapter One (1)
* Chapter Two (2) : Procedure for Collecting Data
Sample Questionnaire
* Chapter Three (3) : Data Presentation
Data Analysis
* Chapter Four (4) : Conclusion


This assignment would not have been completed without the help and cooperation of a large group of people. The Investigator would like to thank the grade ten (10) students of their high school for their support. My parents have been very supportive throughout this assignment. Also thanks to my teacher who guided me every step of the way.

Chapter One

Statement of the Problem
My Topic:

Do the grade 10 students of my school believe that they are influenced by their peers/peer groups?


The school under investigation has approximately two thousand (2000) students. The Investigator has been a student of this institution for the past five (5) years. Also, The Investigator has noticed that quite a number of grade ten (10) students are influenced by their peer groups.

The Investigator has also noticed that Peer Influence has a major impact on the lives of the teenagers of this learning institution. They seem to prefer being in groups who they can relate to and who understand them.

The Investigator has decided to distribute surveys amongst the grade ten (10) students to investigate the effects of peer groups on teens.

Method of Investigation

To collect information from the survey The Investigator is using printed questionnaires. A Questionnaire is a set of printed or written questions with a choice of answers, devised for the purposes of a survey or statistical study. Advantages of Questionnaires – They take little time to answer and there is a sense of anonymousness as the test subjects/students are not required to give their names. Disadvantages of Questionnaires - They are impersonal and the respondent may not be motivated to respond and it has a low return rate if mailed.

Research Design

Ardenne High has approximately three hundred and twenty (320) grade ten (10) students. The Investigator randomly selected thirty five (35) students. Seventeen (17) males and eighteen females (18). The Investigator printed thirty five (35) questionnaires and handed them out to the students/test subjects. Each student was given fifteen minutes to complete the questionnaire and return them to The Investigator.

Chapter Two

My Topic:

Do the grade 10 students of my school believe that they are influenced by their peers/peer groups?

Instructions: Please select the appropriate answer based on your opinions or experience, by ticking the check box that best suits your answers.

1. Gender: Male Female

2. Age: 13 14 15 16+

3. Are you a part of a peer group?:
Yes No

4. What reasons influenced you to join a peer group?
Popularity Self-realization Study

5. Which gender dominates your peer group?
Male Female Both
6. Are they very influential?
Yes No

7. Do they influence you in a good or bad way?
Good Bad

8. If bad give reasons why you continue to be a part of the peer group? My age group Popularity No other group would accept me

9. Are you easily influenced?
Yes No

10. Do negatively influential people or positively influential people dominate your peer group? Positive Negative

11. What do you do in your peer group?
Study Hang Out Create Mischief...
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