Social Networking

Topics: Social network service, Online dating service, Internet Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Social Networking, like a “two blade sword”

Nowadays, social networking has apparently become an essential part of our daily life. For example, we use Facebook, Twitter to connect our friends, share stories, we go shopping on the internet and we can even make new friends on some websites. The social networking gives us much convenience, which we cannot deny. But in the meantime it makes people more indifferent to each other. In the essay “We Shall Overshare”, by the author Mary Katharine Ham, she states, “Ironically, the antidote I’ve found for my own tendency to overshare online is more sharing online”(282). We can feel that we cannot live without social networking as the author states. Because of social networking, our lives have tremendously changed. For example, my uncle Matt was a computer engineer. He has to share the information with his partner all the time. Therefore, his job cannot go ahead without social networking. He always tells me to make good use of the social networking, because it has incogitable power, which can even change someone’s life. As time goes by, I understand his word gradually. My friend John was a clever boy, but he was addicted to internet. He seldom talked with his parents. When he had arguments with his parents, he prefer to talk to another people on the internet in order to find someone support him. He didn’t solve the problem directly by talking with his parents. Therefore, more and more misunderstandings arise. What’s more, he also liked the social networking dating. Although social network dating has its advantages, there are disadvantages as well. One of the main disadvantages is the cost of using the networks service. As previously mentioned, online dating websites are the best type of social network to join, especially if you are looking for a romantic partner. Unfortunately, unlike most traditional networking sites, most dating sites require a paid membership. To many this membership is worth the cost, but overtime it...
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