Social Model vs Medical Model

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Medical Model

The Medical Model of health tries to treat people through the use of medicine and science, and it doesn't take into account the social and emotional factors of how the injury, illness, or disease was caused or brought on.

It looks at the root cause of the problem, rather than telling the patient how it happened so they can avoid making the same mistake again e.g. If a Smoker contracts throat Cancer, if he's not told it's caused by smoking, they he wont know not to smoke again, which may make him ever more ill in the long term.

However, One advantage of this model is that it provides vaccinations such as Flu Jabs which help save people in the Long run e.g. Flu Jabs for O.A.P's Social Model

Focuses on the cure for an illness

Focuses on the origins of the illness rather than the cure

Aim to free patients from medically defined diseases infectious or otherwise including cancer or heart problems

Aim to change environmental factors to allow for healthier choices

Uses medical knowledge to treat unhealthy patients (very scientific)

Use holistic remedies like reflexology or reiki to treat the patients (contempary therapy)

Very persuasive -if a doctor advises you on something you are very likely to have the treatment without questioning as you take their word for it

Allows the individual to make choices in regards to their health. Advise is given on the treatment but not obliged to go through it

Has financial funding from the government

Has many financial implications as it is not scientifically proven to help so less people are willing to inves
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