Social Media for Business Communication

Topics: Cancer, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, National Cancer Institute Pages: 9 (3086 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Social Media for Business Communication
Linda Stewart
Indiana Wesleyan University
Decision Making and Essential Business Communication
May 6, 2013
Dr. Muciiri Facilitator, Professor

Bishop, L. J., & Susan, C.P. (2002). Bioethics and cloning, part II Kennedy Institute Ethics Journal. Baltimore, John Hopkins University Press. The author gives insight on different authors’ views on bioethics and cloning them. The author gives facts about the many risks and complications involved in trying to clone another life. It tells the reasons why you should and should not clone. It goes into detail about whether there is a meaning behind bioethics and cloning, or is it just something that has no bearing at all. The source is relevant to the paper because it is a topic that is talked about today and that has already happened. Bishop is a research associate and Susan is a legal research associate they are both with the national reference center for bioethics literature which makes them both credible sources. Lee, J., & Giraud-Carrier, C. (2013). Results on mining NHANES data: A case study in evidence-based medicine.. New York, Elsevier Limited. The author talks about the overall health and nutrition in children and adults in the United States. The survey covers a wide range of areas such as population, laboratory, and examination information as well as responses to an easy all-inclusive health questionnaire. The data is used to support the evidence-based medicine by the results regarding diabetes and high blood pressure. The authors are affiliated with the Korea institute of science and technology, biomedical research institute which makes them credible. Chiang, C., Wu, C., Hou, Y., Chu, C., Liu, J., & Soong, W. (2013). Development of T-STAT for Early Autism: Screening Journal of Autism and Development Disorders. New York, Springer Science & Business Media. The author talks about the screening tool for autism in two years old in a style called Taiwanese version also known as T-STAT. There are two studies study 1 deals with 15 children with autism, developmental delay, and language impairments between 24 and 35 months. “Study 2 had 77 young children with Autism, PDD-NOS, or DD/LI as a clinical-based validation sample” (Chiang, et al., 2013). The author is credible because they give you a cutoff score that talks about the levels of sensitivity and specifications in both studies as well as the risks. The author is an expert because it showed the results that were obtained in both of the studies. The authors are affiliated with the department of psychology, and psychiatry of Kaohsiung Medical University and National Chung Cheng University. Vieira, R. D. A., Vieira, D., Gomes, W., & Gauer, G. (2013). Alexithymia and its impact on quality of life in a group of Brazilian women with migraine without aura: The Journal of Headache and Pain. Milano, Springer Science & Business Media. Everyone can relate to having a migraine at some point in their life. Patients can have mild to severe migraines the author talks about how this ties into alexithymia. The study is to provide evidence that shows the relationship between depressions, anxiety, among other facts that can cause migraines. Forty Brazilian women were involved in the study the results showed that the too intertwined together. This is relevant in a paper because it will give people more insight on the causes of migraines, and how they can be relieved or at least under control. The authors are credible through the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Each author has contributed with the study design, manuscripts, preparation, data collection, data analysis, recruitment of patients, and discussion of results. Groeneveld, I., de Boer, A., & Frings-dresen, M.H.W. . (2013). Physical exercise and return to work: Cancer survivors’ experiences. Journal of Cancer Survivorship. . New York, Springer Science & Business Media.

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