Social Media Campaign of Nielson Company.

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Social Media Campaign of Nielson Company.

Nielson is a company that measures audience ratings in most entertainment sectors. In television, they are able to measure the amount of viewers there are for all of the TV networks. For music, through there sound scan division they are able to measure the amount of sales produced for music as well as listening behavior of the music played on the radio. There is also a division dedicated to online measuring of consumer behavior on the internet. Nielson has a subsidiary, NM Incite whose slogan is “know the customer”. As noted from their website “NM Incite was established with the vision that real-time, authentic consumer expression in social media transforms how marketers build strong brands, create passionate and engaged brand communities, and ultimately achieve superior sales outcomes”(About NM Incite). This is Nielson’s way of reaching out, aside from actually having Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. They want to help other brands maximize and develop relationships with consumers through effective marketing using social media platforms. Being able to effectively measure audiences in any media forum shows companies their impact in the market they serve. This gives them the proper insight on how to determine if changes need to be made to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Nielson focuses on businesses, the government sectors, and entertainment sectors as its target market. Much of what Nielson does is on a large scale,however, companies like Radian6 are starting to see an increase in growth. What I like about Nielson is that they are reliable and have a strong reputation for accuracy and dependency. I feel they have initiatives in place that are effective and perform well to provide accurate results.

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