Social Media

Topics: Website, Twitter, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Social Media
William Daniels
University of Phoenix
March 4, 2013
Regina Fletcher Sadono, PhD, MFA, MFA

When I think of the advantages of easily obtainable information is, the information is easily obtained without any effort. The information could be obtained from a school text book, or a book from a library. Another form, can be from a credible website that has been known to give a lot of good information. If you ever go, and buy something from, or any other product site like that can be considered as easily obtainable information, due to the fact that it has the correct information about that product. The disadvantages of easily obtainable information are the fact that on some websites, the information may be false. In some cases with misleading information you could confirm it on some different websites, or resources. I know one case, when I had bought a computer from amazon. Under the information, it said it had an i7 Intel processor, but when I received my computer it had an i5, and what I paid for it is a rip off for any i5 processor. I made a call and explained to the rep. at amazon that the information was misleading, she setup a return for me and I got a full refund and a credit, for the misleading information. Now I actually check different resources, like the actual company website, to see if that model computer matches the one on amazon. Social Media is really a big part of our everyday life. Social Media is everywhere, from TV, to games and especially the internet. It covers many different devices as well, such as phones, tablets, gaming consoles, computers, and even smart TVs. When using Social Media there are some advantages, and disadvantages to using it. Advantages would be, social media is free, and not difficult to setup. Pretty much everyone and their mother can setup one up easily. If you own a business, it is great to drive traffic to you articles, blogs or even videos. Social media is...
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