Social Legal and Economic Impact of Ebusiness in Ireland

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Social network service Pages: 36 (13808 words) Published: November 14, 2012
eBusiness Fetac Module

Assignment 1

Evolution of Internet
eBusiness Development
Social, Legal and Economic
Impact of eBusiness

Produced by Brendan Treacy
July – November 2012
General Introduction4
Research Methods4
Evolution of the Internet6
Dot-Com Boom7
eBusiness Development8
Introduction – Social Impact10
Social Impact of eBusiness – Positives10
Improve Life of Disabled10
Provide Information to those with Illness11
Online Counselling11
Personal Development12
Enhanced Leisure Time13
Greater Awareness of Important Causes and Charities14
Fifteen Minutes of Fame15
Social Networking16
People Better Informed about their Tax and SW Entitlements17
Study and Research Benefits17
Social Impact of eBusiness – Negatives18
Internet Piracy18
Internet and the Elderly18
Gambling and Adult Sites19
Shops are Closing and Staff are being made redundant20
Introduction – Legal Impact21
Legal Impact of eBusiness – Positives21
Online Payment Processing21
Legal Impact of e-business – Negatives23
Online Piracy of Copyrighted Material23
Types of Piracy23
Cases which hit the Headlines23
Legislation to Combat Piracy24
Proposed Irish Leglislation24
Privacy Issues on the Internet25
Data Protection Online26
Increase in Libel Cases26
Unauthorised Data Sharing27
Identify Theft a Growing Problem28
Hacking Scandals in Recent Years29
Introduction – Economic30
Economic Impact of eBusiness – Positives30
Rapid Growth in eBusiness Start-ups30
Consumers benefit from Lower Price and Greater Choice31
e-business Companies sell to Global Market31
Job Growth in Some Sectors despite a Recession32
Economic Impact of eBusiness – Negatives33
Middle Man Redundant33
Consumer Price Discrimination34
Targeted Advertising to Consumers35
Bibliography - Social37
Bibliography - Legal39
Bibliography - Economic40

General Introduction
This assignment firstly gives a brief overview of the history of the internet and how it provided the platform for the rapid development of eBusiness once the core applications were in place to enable it. Additionally, the assignment covers the Social, Legal and Economic Impact of eBusiness as these are the areas which have been most affected by the rapid development of eBusiness over the past 10-15 years. Within these areas, they have been broken down into the positive and negative aspects although in some cases, relevant points have both positive and negative aspects to them so I choose between them rather than duplicating a topic. Research Methods

The following approach was taken to produce this assignment and evolved over the course of its development to now become standard practice for all future assignments. 1. Produce Mindmap of subject area which will define scope of research for document. 2. Produce High-level outline from mindmap and create section headings in document in logical sequence. 3. For each section heading - brainstorm sub-section headings within document to spur ideas and create structure. 4. Write as much as I can without referring to internet articles for a particular section in my own words to establish what I know already about topic. 5. Research section by doing a search on google using section headings for criteria e.g Internet Privacy or variation to target relevant articles more precisely. 6. Identify key internet articles that I am going to use in my research from search results and decide if they cover the subject area well and are from reliable sources. 7. Use skim reading to search for main points relating to topic and highlight them in each article. If I feel that the articles selected are not relevant, I should try alternative search criteria. 8. At this point, I should have formed a better understanding of topic that I am researching e.g Internet Privacy so...
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