Social Learning Theory in Relation to Gender Development

Topics: Observational learning, Learning, Female Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Describe and evaluate Social Learning Theory explanations of gender [10 M] Describe SLT explanations for gender (You MUST focus on gender, not just SLT in general)Social learning theorists such as Bandura believe that all behaviour is learnt. In regards to gender development, SL theorists believe society trains individuals how to act in accordance with society's expectations of males and females. The reason boys and girls behave differently is because they are treated differently. Other people's expectations of how the child should behave is dependent on their sex, shapes the behaviour of the child.SLT emphasises the importance of observation and reinforcement in the development of behaviour and attitudes. An individual seeks to determine what behaviour and beliefs are appropriate to display. Through observing role models and imitating their behaviour, followed by reinforcement by significant individuals in the child's life, the child will learn a new behaviour or attitude considered sex appropriate, If that behaviour is not reinforced, or is punished, the behaviour will not be learnt.

For example, a boy may identify with a group of boys of the same age playing football. The boy will imitate that behaviour and also play football. The behaviour will be reinforced through acceptance by his peers. This football playing behaviour will be learnt.

By observing reinforcement in others, behaviour can also be learned. For example, if Carol sees Julie display a certain behaviour, and also sees Julie reinforced for that behaviour, Carol is more likely to imitate and therefore learn that behaviour.| Summarise a piece of evidence to support SLTUsing the experimental method, Bandura arranged for boys and girls to witness a short television programme in which children of a similar age behaved aggressively towards a toy doll called a 'Bobo doll.' There were three films, each with a different outcome. A- positive outcome.

B- An adult made a critical comment to the...
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