Explain Different Psychological Approaches to Health Practice.

Topics: Psychology, Behavior, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1134 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Afiya Hinds
Unit 8
(P2) – Explain different psychological approaches to health practice. (P3) – Explain different psychological approaches to social care practice. In this criterion, the different psychological approaches to health practice and social care practice will be outlined and explained. Health practice is the act of a care professional that performs activities, methods and treatments in order to keep an individual health whether it is to do with diet, exercise, or bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking. Social care practice is the act of a care professional that concentrates on and supports the social and personal needs of an individual. This can be demonstrated with activities and methods such as counselling and therapy. These methods are used to improve the quality of life of individuals who may be mentally ill or may be victims of abuse. Individuals can receive this care at any age. There are a variety of approaches that can be applied to health and social care practices, such as the behavioural approach, social learning approach, psychodynamic approach, humanistic approach, cognitive approach and the biological approach. Behaviourist Approach

The behaviourist approach as explained in P1, suggests that learning is what changes an individual’s behaviour. Therefore, any changes in behaviour of an individual are the result of events that have taken place within the environment. (P2) – This approach can be applied in a health practice such as within a health clinic or a hospital. For example, if a service user is being sexually abused and seeks help within a hospital, a care provider such as a doctor will be able to determine what behavioural approach will be best suited for the individual.

(P3) – This approach can be applied in social care practice such as therapy. For example, a child or young person may need to go to a therapist as a result of witnessing physical abuse within their home. The care provider will need to know...
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