Social Impacts of Ict

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Task 2: Social Impacts
Assignment 2:


Welcome to my blog, my name is Rajmeet Sarna ,I am employed at Cranford Estates and i will providing information to my boss on the social impacts and potential threats of ICT. Social Impacts:
People use most of their free time on watching TV or using the Internet on social networking sites such as Facebook twitter and Myspace.

The advantages of ICT on socially is that it creates jobs. Since social networking sites were created people spend more of their free time on these sites, talking to family and friends. the advantages of ICT are that it makes communication easier , quicker , cheaper than any other way of communication. Work becomes easier as computers are faster and you can do many more things on the computers and the Internet. Internet is a key source to students worldwide as they are many websites which try to help them with their homework and coursework. many schools, colleagues and universities are updating their websites with work they have done in class.

Economic Growth: Computers are used in nearly every job that is available now. Due to this it is vital to have IT skills for a job. if you have a IT job you can do work from home which is helpful someone that has a family or for someone that is unwell, and they can do their work from home. With Internet people can do shopping online this has helped businesses as people don't need to leave their house to go shopping.

Data Protection Act 1998:

Data may only be used for the reasons for it was collected for Data must not be passed on without the consent of the person it is about People have a right of access to the information held about them Personal information may not be sent outside Europe unless the person whom it is about has agreed Organisations that process information must register with the informal commissioner office Organisations that keep personal information must have adequate security measures in place...
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