Effects of Ict in Society

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  • Published: August 19, 2008
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ICT has made a huge impact on the day to day lives of society especially the use of the World Wide Web, as it allows us to be kept informed on a range of issues; and also allows us to communicate with one another without using e-mail without any difficulty. We are able to use on-line banking and on-line shopping which many people today rely on and a number of other services that we may require such as applying for a passport, booking a driving test, completing a tax return etc. Nowadays anything is possible when using ICT as a way of communicating between organisations and society. In this report I will be looking at how ICT has affected different people, how it is used to communicate with one another and how “The Digital Divide” has affected those who lack access to ICT. How has ICT affected me and my family?

I use ICT on a daily basis whether it’s for researching information and accessing the web or using online banking services and communicating with friends and family. It is simple and straightforward to use for those who have the knowledge and keep up-to date with all of today’s technologies. I have found that the good points about using ICT for myself is that if there is a certain piece of information I need to find out then the web is the ideal place to look as it is easily accessible and simple for me to use. Whenever I needed to revise for my exams I always relied on programmes, books and the Bitesize websites provided by the BBC, so broadcasting helped me a lot. Communicating via text and e-mail between family and friends is a quick and easy way to stay in contact. I always rely on internet banking as I can check and manage my account at any time I want without having to wait for monthly statements which have sometimes taken a while due to postal delays. Although there are a few drawbacks to using ICT such as, the internet is not always a reliable source for researching and collecting the information I need as it is not always correct and sometimes the information found on the web is old and has not been updated for a while. Also whilst surfing the net I have found that I receive a lot of unwanted e-mails and pop-ups which interfere with what I am doing. I do not feel there are any downfalls to using these methods to communicate between one another. I do not tend to use the Internet for on-line shopping as I have concerns about the security of information passed on and I prefer going to the high streets and being able to see what I want to buy even though it may be cheaper to do so online, although members of my family think the opposite as they often use it and find it reliable and safe.

How has ICT affected society and the individuals within it?
Places such as the banks have made a large impact on society as people are now able to do more than they ever could have before due to the World Wide Web. Rather than checking your account details by receiving a monthly statement or having to go into the branch to check your details you are now able to access your account online at anytime from anywhere, you are able to transfer money, pay bills and check up on the money going in and out of your account. Individuals are now informed better as to their financial position and they are able to manage their money a lot easier and they know the whereabouts of their finances. When keeping updated on the day to day issues in the world, you can read a newspaper, listen to the radio or just watch the news on the television. When reading newspapers there is always a delay between the stories happening whilst it is getting printed so the stories are not always accurate and up-to-date. Although television and radio coverage’s will be up-to-date there is always a chance that you will miss a headline as the news is only on at specific times, unless you are watching a channel dedicated to news. The best way to view news that is updated regularly is to go online, it doesn’t have a certain time slot so it can be viewed any...
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