Impacts of Ict on Developed Countries, Developing Countries and the Environment

Topics: Better, Improve, Developing country Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: April 9, 2013
1. How ICT affects developed countries
In developed countries, people have enough money to purchase the latest equipment and gadgets. They are also highly knowledgeable as they have money to spend on training to improve their skills. Due to CAD and CAM software, work is becoming more efficient. The medicine field is also advancing and new cures to diseases (Eg: cure for HIV) are being found due to the improvement of technology. The number of crimes (Eg: identity theft, hacking, credit card fraud) and other internet related problems (Eg: viruses, spyware) are also increasing. However the improvement in technologies can help prevent these as well (Eg: antivirus software, antispyware software). Another negative effect is that ICT in developed countries is widening the digital divide in countries. In developing countries a lot of people do not have an access to the Internet. On the other hand, people from developed countries are improving their technologies every day and developing countries cannot follow them.

2. How ICT affects developing countries
By introducing new technology to developing countries they will be able to bridge the digital divide as they will have the sufficient means to improve their skills. ICT in developing countries will result in better communication. People would no longer have to go to the office to work; they will be able to do it at home (Eg: telecommuting). Outsourcing will also become possible. This will reduce an organisation responsibilities and it will also be cheap, since they no longer have to pay them wages. However, it would result in job loses, as machinery will start replacing people in work areas. But it will also create job opportunities for IT related jobs. In order to apply for these jobs, people will have to have high qualifications; they need more training and skills. This is a disadvantage for both the organisation and the government since it would raise their costs. There would also be an increase in crimes as...
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