Social Experience

Topics: Sociology, Theory of cognitive development, Sociological terms Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: November 25, 2010
Social Experience

Social experience is a lifelong social experience by which people develop their human potential and learn culture. The interaction of humans has been studied through the ages by thinkers of all types Darwin, Watson, Freud, Meade and Paigets. They all came up with a different view of how we develop socially. How important are the roles of family, school, peer groups and the media on our personality development or is it all preordained and instinctual. There are two different theories of what happens in the beginning. Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud believed that human behaviors were biologically based, that we have instinct for human competitiveness, sexual and emotional bonding, and aggressive behavior. The other school of thought as studied and proven by John B. Watson, Jean Paigets, and George Herbert Meade was that behaviorism or instincts are learned. Home is where the heart is and the beginning of the most important part of our skill set in interacting with others and molding our personalities? Family is where we look for nurturing in the early childhood stages. Ideally family would be the foundation where the child would be given a safe and caring environment, teaching them skills, values and beliefs. In situations that lack this there are various levels of dysfunction that appear. This was proven by Harry and Margaret Harlow in the study of social isolation of young children. Total isolation of the child for six months or less will cause them to become passive, anxious, and fearful when introduced to groups of people, anything longer than that and the child will never fully regain the ability to function in society. Young children learn from their environment and are in the sensorimotor stage as Jena Paigets proclaims in the theory of cognitive development. They experience the world only through their senses in the ages of 0-2 years. Preoperational stages follows after that from 2-6 years using symbol, language and the beginnings...
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