Soccer "The King Sport"

Topics: Manchester United F.C., David Beckham, Real Madrid C.F. Pages: 4 (1111 words) Published: January 6, 2013
David Beckham: The Best Football Soccer Player.

Aldo Villalba Balderas

October/27 Th /2012
Mr. Bart Black

David Beckham: The Best Football Soccer Player.
The opportunity to play a world cup or play in two famous teams is unique. This is the dream of all the young people that want to play soccer and be the best football soccer player. The wish to be a professional soccer player, the wish to be a champion, the wish to be the best soccer player, the wish to be famous. This dream lives in all the people of the world, but the most part lives in all the young people. David Beckham is one of the kids that has this dream and made it happen. Although David Beckham had to overcome hardships because of his abilities and skills, scoring, achievements, and awards, he can be considered one of the best football soccer players in the world. David Beckham was born the 02 of May of 1975 (“David Beckham” Internet). He was born in London, the son of two fanatical Manchester United fans. Son of David Edward Alan “Ted” Beckham (B. Edmonton, London, July – September 1948) an employee of a factory ok kitchen equipment, and his wife (M. London Borough of Hackney, 1969) Sandra Georgina west (B. 1949) she was a hairdresser Jewish. When he was a child, regularly played football soccer in Ridgeway Park, Chingford. He went to school in Chase Lane Primary school and Chingford Foundation. Although he attended Tottenham Hotspur’s school of excellence, his heart was in the northwest and he signed a schoolboy contract with Manchester United on his 14th birthday (“David Beckham January 03 2012” Internet). While David Beckham was focused on his carrier he met a girl and fell in love, by 1999 Beckham married singer Victoria Adams, best known as “Posh Spice” of the Spice Girls pop Group, in a lavish ceremony. The intense media attention to the couple increased Beckham’s popularity around the world, as did his style of dress and ever-changing hairstyles. In 2003...
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