Soc/120 Week 8 Modernization Research Paper

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The Future of Modernization Paper

The Future of Modernization
Modernization is a very broad topic and can be used to describe all aspects of society. Modernization is become a key trend in not only the United States, but also places all around the world. According to Kumar, (n.d.), “modernization in sociological terms, is defined as, the transformation from a traditional, rural, agrarian society to a secular, urban, industrial society” (para. 1). Modernization is convenient for the countries around the world because it makes it easier for them to interact, travel, and sell food along with other products. Although theorists believe there are positives effects of modernization, some theorists are becoming very concerned about the negative effects caused by this ongoing inclination of modernization.   The theorist that best reflects my perceptions of modernization is Max Weber. Max Weber’s view also shows how modernization has manifested itself in the United States society. According to Macionis (2011):

For Max Weber, modernity meant replacing a traditional worldview with a rational way of thinking. In preindustrial societies, tradition acts as a constant brake on social change. To traditional people, “truth” is roughly the same as “what has always been” (1978:36, orig. 1921). To modern people, however, “truth” is the result of rational calculation. Because they value efficiency and have little reverence for the past, modern people adopt social patterns that allow them to achieve their goals. I agree that people adopt social patterns to achieve their goals. For example a woman may marry a rich man, in order to have more opportunities, or a parent may push their child in sports, so they can get a full-ride scholarship for college. These are two of many examples of social patterns that have been adopted by today’s society members. Max Weber also stated that the modern world is “disenchanted” (Macionis, 2011). Disenchanted is another word...
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