So Far from the Bamboo Grove

Topics: Yoko Ono, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, Family Pages: 3 (336 words) Published: May 28, 2013
So Far From the Bamboo Grove
Final Assessment

1. Mother Theme : Family
Ko was late from school,
Up from the north mother came…
But Ko was too late.

2. Mother Theme : Your choice She would do anything,
Her kids were all she had now !
So she kept them safe .

3. Mother Theme : Survival Mother was stronger…
And she kept on trying to
Keep staying strong too .

1. Ko Theme: love Yoko was little…
She wanted to keep her safe,
But also leave her .

2. Ko Theme : Your Choice The girls took her thread,
But her color thread,
It is so invisible !

3. Ko Theme : Survival In that little cloth …
She knew she had to save it.
And she kept it safe.

4. Ko Theme : survival When Yoko saw her …
She was cleaning that man’s shoe!
She knew she had to.
5. Ko Theme : Family Even though mother
Was gone, she still had Yoko…
And then Hideyo

1. Yoko Theme : Courage That man kicked her ribs,
But she still kept on walking…
Stronger than before .

2. Yoko Theme : Survival When she needed help
Mister Naido was a friend,
And quickly helped her out!

3. Yoko Theme : Your choice Those girls were cruel!
That picture was a bully,
But she still stood strong

4. Yoko Theme : Love When she held mother,
She realized it was all over.
And then held on tight .

5. Yoko...
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