Far and Away

Topics: Ireland, Tenant farmer Pages: 4 (1508 words) Published: February 7, 2013
far and away
Far and Away
Ron Howard
Far and Away begins in late 19th century Ireland. A young, ambitious tenant farmer who dreams of owning his own land, Joseph Donnelly, wants to get revenge on his father’s death by killing his landlord, Daniel Christie. His journey to the landlord’s home is unsuccessful, and he is stuck in the leg with a pitchfork by the landlord’s daughter, Shannon. He is locked up in a spare bedroom. It is here that Shannon tells Joseph of land that is being given away in the Oklahoma Territory of America. She too wants to escape Ireland and go to modernized America. During a duel with The Christie’s manager, Stephen, he and Shannon escape and ride off, despite their bickering differences to catch a boat leaving to go to America. When they arrive at Boston Harbor in Massachusetts around 1893, Shannon looses her valuable possessions. In a strange place without any money, he and Shannon go to a local Irish club. In this club, Joseph, as well as the club owner, discovers his talent for boxing and offers them housing and jobs. Shannon and Joseph live in a ratty hotel for a few months, saving the money that he earns boxing and she earns at a chicken factory to eventually move west into the Oklahoma Territory. To protect her he says she is his sister. He is quickly recognized as a brilliant fighter and eligible bachelor making a lot of money, but when he looses one fight, he and Shannon are shunned from the community and striped of their belongings. On the verge of starvation and freezing, the pair is forced to break into a house where Shannon gets shot in the shoulder. He and Shannon are separated when Shannon’s family comes to America to find their daughter after their house had been burned down by revolting tenant farmers. He takes her to her family, where they have been searching for her. Time goes on, and Joseph tries to forget about Shannon as he begins work building the Trans-Continental Railroad. On his journey, Joseph remembers...
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