The Emerald Forest

Topics: Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely Pages: 4 (1400 words) Published: March 29, 2013
All About “The Emerald Forest” movie

“The Emerald Forest” is a movie produced by John Boorman in 1985 and based on a true story in the Brazilian Rainforest. The film is a about Tommy, a young boy, quickly and silently taken away by a tribe in the Amazon called, The Invisible People. His dad then, spends 10 years searching for him and eventually succeeds after running into a war party with another tribe called, The Fierce People -enemies of the invisible people- who pursue him. They finally meet by chance, but the boy refuses to go back to his original family and civilization and explains that he belongs to the forest now. The father couldn't understand the choice made by Tommy and asks the chief of the tribe to order the boy to return with him. Then, the chief says : “If I told a man to do what he does not want to do, I would no longer be chief.” This statement means that the chief always agrees with whatever the members of his tribe plan to do, he simply respects their choices. That's the difference between these “primitive” society and our own. For example, in Morocco, it is normal for the state or even your teacher to order you for everything and around every day of your life. Authority is always respected and people are generally more quiet and reserved around their superiors. They will not be upfront or direct with those above them. However, in some cases, it could have meetings and people may debates and speak over with their bosses. Compared to the authority structure of the invisibles, their chief behaves as a counselor, does give advices instead of orders. In my society, the government has the power to command and doesn't care about wishes, wants and opinions of its community. And if we try to make a list of the differences and similarities between the invisibles and us, we will end up hating the system of our life. The Invisibles are peaceful people who live isolated and don't have contact with globalised civilization. Their have...
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