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Teacher___________________________________________Date_____________________ Grade/ Year and section________________________ Subject _______________________ School______________________________________ Time__________________________ Activity sheet No. 1


Target Competency
At the end of the activity, you should have communicated clear learning goals that are appropriate for learners. 1. Visit a school.
2. Get a copy of the school’s vision, mission and goals. 3. Analyze the vision, mission and goals of the school relative to the speaking school curriculum.

Copy below the vision, mission and goals of your cooperating school.

A vibrant Integrated Community Extension Services of SLMCS committed to empower and organize small faith- communities that are self-sustaining, self-nourishing, and self- governing towards fullness of life.


We commit ourselves to empower the our less privileged clientele and Partner communities through mutual collaboration in our community services for sustainable development as we strive to serve as an “effective and affective channel” of the coordinated and integrated community extension programs and services of the school community and our stakeholders.


* Fullness of life through holistic and integral development of person who are poor. * To coordinate, consolidate and integrate community extension programs and services of the school community.

4. Based on the school’s vision and mission. What are the intended learning goals for the learners?

Based on the school’s vision and mission, students will express awareness of God’s love demonstrated through a deep relationship with God, an understanding of Catholic teaching, and application of these teachings to life situations and decision-making. Students will show respect for and appreciate the diversity among individuals and cultures. They will identify their own strengths and weaknesses, use self-discipline, and demonstrate personal responsibility creating a positive self-concept. Students will participate as effective citizens in society with wisdom and compassion.

5. Knowing the school mission and vision. What anticipated activities could I suggest to the teacher.

We all know that there is an upcoming election, I could use this as a suggestion for the teacher that is consonant with the school’s vision and mission.. Activities like; hold a discussion on faith and political responsibility. Ask the children to think about the upcoming election and then ask them the following:

* How do you think God sees people? How does this help us treat people better? * What do people need in order to live a decent life?
* What makes someone a good leader?
* Why do you think the Church teaches that voting is an important thing for grown-up Catholics to do? * Although you can't vote yet, what can you do to make the world around you better? Or maybe an impromptu children skit is another activity that I could suggest to the teachers in SLMCS. Having children get up and act out a lesson after it’s been taught is a great way to reinforce the lesson and encourage students to take what they’ve learned, interpret it, symbolize it, and present it.

Field Student

Teacher______________________________________ Date________________________ Grade/ Year and section___________________________ Subject _______________________ School__________________________________________Time__________________________ Activity sheet No. 2


Teacher Competency
At the end of this activity, you are expected to develop and use a variety of appropriate assessment strategies to monitor and evaluate learning outcomes. Specific tasks
1. Conduct classroom observation.
2. Write down the learning objectives.
3. Determine if the evaluation items given by the resource teacher...
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