Smartphones Dependence

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  • Published : May 19, 2012
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The Dependence of People on Smartphones.

The excessive use of smartphones has not only changed the way we see technology but also the way we live our lives. In the year 2000, the first touch screen phone was introduced and people who loved technology were amazed by this cellphone technology that did not required a physical keypad to work or access the cellphone main menu, although not that many special features were added to this cellphone besides the digital touch screen tech lovers fell in love with this device almost instantly because of the futuristic idea of replacing buttons with a digital touchscreen. Even though this cellphone was a pioneer in a new era revolutionizing the idea of a physical keypad to enter numbers did not become so popular after people got bored from just the digital screen and that did not do anything else but to dial numbers to make a phone call. In the year 2007 a new cellphone was introduced, a cellphone that not only looked very elegant and extremely different than any other cellphone at the moment or made before, but was able to perform tasks those of a desktop computer, for example; internet web browsing, agenda managing, picture taking and video making at very good quality, email access, music playing, electronic book access, just to mention a few. It seemed maybe almost impossible that so much could be done with such a small device. This was the world’s first smartphone; a new trend that would make our lives much easier had begun, making almost everyday activities much easier and saving us much more time that we used to take trying to accomplished them. Even though it seems that the smartphones are nothing else that our personal assistants, I would like to give a few examples of why I think we have become dependent on these devices and little by little they are taking away more than they are giving to our lives. Most smartphones have plenty of applications that let us access digital copies of dictionaries, translators, books,...
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