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Now that smartphones can literally do hundreds, if not thousands, of tasks other than make phone calls we are able to become more mobile are people. We don't need to look up directions, add things in our heads, call the theater for movie times, or even watch the news for the weather. All of these things are available with one click of out smartphone. If you lost in a foreign country or even an unfamiliar town you can use Google Maps to navigate you in the right direction. If you are trying to decide between a few restraints why not look reviews up on your phone? And believe it or not there are apps where you can locate your friends and see what they are doing right at this moment in time. Not only do smartphones make your life easier they can make it more exciting by picking and choosing what friend you want to go hang out with by looking up what they are currently doing.

Once you begin using a smartphone it is hard to imagine your life without one. You begin to get used to the instant email to your phone, Facebook notification, instant message from your friend, or even the ability to look up a definition using your app. Smartphones may be more expensive that your normal cell phone but the add convenience may be well worth the money depending on how much of an exciting life and they have almost become a necessity among teenagers today.

Smartphones have the added advantage of installing and running an unlimited number of third-party applications and programs. This allows owners to further customize their device with software tailored to their individual needs and preferences. Additionally, countless applications designed for smartphones can be obtained for free.

The Internet functionality you typically associate with using a personal computer is now available, wirelessly, on a handheld device. While many standard cell phones allow you to check email, smart phones offer the complete Internet experience. They allow people to view and open...
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