Topics: Service, Customer, Waiting staff Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: February 18, 2012
Shan Gao
Bus 10

One thing that I own and I love it is my Iphone. I love my Iphone because it is not just a phone it is a mini computer that I can carry and use it everywhere I go. The phone can check my emails, go to the webs, check the weathers and everything that you do with your regular computer. The quality of my phone is awesome, since I dropped my phone few times and it still works like new. I had a 3G before and now I have a 4G, I used the 3G one for two years and it still works perfectly. The new phone’s quality is much better than the older one; it is faster and has bigger memories. Apply company is improving their product with each item, that’s why people love their products. I own a Mac book, iPod and Iphone it’s all because they are all have good quality. I brought a ring from this store in the mall, which I hated it. The ring itself looked very cute it was a white fake pearl in the center. It was only $7, but after two days of wearing the ring the “pearl” was falling out of the ring. They don’t allow you to return it. I was very disappointed. The store sells bad quality of products, which I don’t think they can make any money. They were basically lied to customers. I will never shop there anymore. Best customer experience is when I was at a restaurant. I was at this Chinese place, and after ordered my food I waited for very long but there was nothing comes out. Usually at a Chinese restaurant if you ask them about your order and they will try to ignore you, but I still wanted to try my chance. I asked the waiter “ where is my food, I am so hungry?” and he was very nice and tell me that he is going to check on it. Three minutes later he came back and told me that the kitchen made a mistake, and my order will come soon and also gave me a plate of postickers on the house. I was very surprised about the quality of their customer service. I was hungry but the service was good so I was just let it go. At the end I paid more...
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