Smart Work Is Better Than Hardwork

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I think Hard work is necessary when you are at very initial phase of your work, you need to collect all those information which is required, then how smartly and efficiently you put those into practice is your Smart Work.

Experience teaches you all how to work smartly but to get those experience you need to work hard. I think both Hard Work and Smart Work re inter related. Smart work is absolutely necessary to achieve your goal within desirable time.

Let me give an example of Smart Work-.

2 men cutting the tree, Person A took 8 hours to cut it and Person B took 5 hours to do the same job. Its because person B use to sharpen his knife for every one hour. Here Person B is a Smart Worker and Person A a Hardworker.| Rate this:   +10   -1|

Cutiepie said: (Thu, Nov 15, 2012 08:24:08 AM)   |  |
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It is very true that by working hard we can achieve success but it is not important that the success would be a real success.

eg: if one study day and night without preparing a time table don't know to manage time don't know what to study first and last he can't achieve success to utmost.| Rate this:   +4   -1|

Pranav Rai said: (Mon, Oct 8, 2012 02:37:24 PM)   |  |
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Smart work means the work done to fulfill some requirement or we can say to get our aim BUT hard work means the work done to get complete knowledge about something. It is such as the diff. Between a professor and a qualifier as well as diff. Between to get the selection and to get the knowledge.| Rate this:   +4   -1|

Vinay said: (Mon, Sep 24, 2012 10:09:13 PM)   |  |
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Hard work : when you use your physical efforts more than your mental effort.

Smart work : when you give priority to your mental ability more than physical ability.

I want to refer to a story : there were two woodcutters in a jungle. One cuts trees for 12 hours a day and other for 6 hours. But the woodcutter who works less cut more trees than other one because he sharpens his Axe after every hour.

Now you can easily differentiate between hard work and smart work.| Rate this:   +26   -4|

Nitin said: (Sat, Aug 25, 2012 05:52:24 PM)   |  |
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According to my notion hard work and smart work go simultaneously, but with hard work you achieve your goal but in a one point you also want some smart work. As we all know donkey also do a hard work, so why its not a successful person there is a one reason behind that it not use a smart work. For instance rickshaw puller also do hard work but stand no where. Smart work = clever, you saw lots of people who use cleverness in front of people they got more progress rather than the hard work. In this world successful are those person who put all efforts in his work. Hard work +smart work = successful person. So all the best guys for your goal "jai hind".| Rate this:   +8   -8|

Gopal Arjun Nandankar said: (Tue, Aug 21, 2012 08:37:48 AM)   |  |  | |
I concede that both hard work and smart work are not mutually exlusive but rather they are inter connected and depending from situation to situation, the kind of work to be done is decided. Hard work requires sincere and dedicated efforts from one's end and for putting those efforts one has to have some goal in his life. Also, hard work gives you that confidence to face any situation in life.

At the same time, in certain situations, when the urgency of task is so high, then acting smartly will be quite useful in that case.

In sum, both hard work and smart work are required to get things done in an efficient way.| Rate this:   +4   -2|

Jyt said: (Sat, Aug 4, 2012 10:46:52 AM)   |  |
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Both smart working and hard working are equally important to succeed. Most of the time it depends on the circumstances as well on the tasks which one should be applied.

For instance look at the people working on the construction sites, they work very hard and stand nowhere.

The fact remains that hard work and smart work...
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